March Massacre
SATURday March 17

Event Tickets
$20.00 + HST by March 15th
$30.00 + HST after March 15th

$60.00 + HST per case of paintballs by March 15th
$90.00 + HST per case of paintballs after March 15th 

8:00AM Registration Opens
9:30AM Pre-Game Announcements
10:00AM Game Commences
12:30PM Lunch Break Commences
1:30PM 2nd Half of Game Commences
4:00PM Games Concludes
4:15PM Post Game Announcements and Prize Draw!

Prize Draw:
Prizes will be drawn at the conclusion of the March Massacre! Players receive 1 ticket for the prize draw with their registration fee. One additional prize ticket draw ticket is provided to the registering player for every week they register in advance on the game date. Please note there is a limit of 1 prize per player with the exception of the grand prize. 

Member receive double the amount of prize draw tickets! Every player regardless of whether they have won a previous prize is eligible for the grand prize! 
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